COVID-19 info

All attendees are required to comply with these two mandates.

1. When signing in for the conference, all attendees must present either:

  • Proof of vaccination, including the first two doses and at least one booster (or one shot and one booster if you received Johnson & Johnson). We will accept your the physical card, a photo of your card, or approved digital record using an app, e.g., Docket). Please also be prepared to show a photo ID.


  • Negative COVID-19 test result reported within the last 48 hours from a test provider, laboratory, or health care provider. Your result can be presented either as a printed document (from the test provider or laboratory) or an email or text message displayed on a phone or electronic device from the test provider or laboratory. Self-reported negative test results will not be accepted. If you are unable to show a test result, we will refer you to a nearby testing center or provider.

2. Wear masks in the main conference venue (Hyatt).

Masks will be required at all times in the main conference venue unless eating, drinking, or presenting on stage. We will have masks available onsite at the registration desk. Your mask must fully cover your nose and mouth. N-95, KN-95, surgical, and cloth masks are all acceptable.

NOTE: Masks will be optional at off-site conference social gatherings, including the main conference party on Wednesday night, in accordance with current Minnesota Department of Health guidelines for restaurants.

Here are a few (optional) ways to maintain your personal comfort.

Wear a green, yellow, or red button (available at the registration desk). Red means “Please keep your distance,” yellow means “I’m OK with brief fist bumps or elbow bumps,” and green means “I am ready for handshakes and hugs.”

Eat wherever you’re most comfortable. We will provide ample seating for meals, which will be served buffet-style. If you prefer, you are welcome to carry your meal to a more remote location (even outside!) then return your dishes to one of the main conference areas.

Read more about the Hyatt health and safety policies.

The Hyatt has committed to heightened standards for cleanliness. Read about their policies here.

If you have any questions or concerns about the Hyatt conference venue you’d like us to address on your behalf, just let us know. Please direct any questions or concerns about your room to the front desk.

If you have any COVID-19 safety issues or concerns during the event, please let us know.

If you see any conditions or behavior that may be putting you or other attendees at risk, please let us know right away. Just alert any Confab volunteer or staff member (you’ll always find someone at the registration desk or in the conference office), or call Tenessa Gemelke at 612-877-1219. You can also DM us on Slack @TeamConfab. We’ll work to address the issue right away.